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YA Mastering Template


"This template is absolutely worth gold!

With the template I only have to drop the levels of my drums, bass and sample programs between -10 and -20 and (in my opinion) it comes out very good! I don't do any EQ'ing, compression or anything, and I don't have to worry about mastering at all. Therefore can allocate more time to just chopping samples, arranging them with the drums etc."


Rens Beats

"Using the YA Mastering Template on my MPC Live II and am utterly amazed at the sound quality. I am even listening to mp3s and watching movies through it as a template in my sampler audio input and it has made EVERYTHING sound insane. Secret weapon for standalone work for sure."

Jay Mack

"Bought it a few weeks ago and after using it made all my music stand out more. There is clarity, defined levels and a sound that just pounds. I'm really impressed and couldn't have gotten these results easily by myself. I dare to say this should be a standard upgrade for any MPC user. Well worth the 20 euros I spend on it."


Michael Brijbag

"Thank YA and others for the heads up definitely one of the best online purchases I made in a while. God Bless"


Blue Haze

( Moderator,Music Producer)

"To be honest I was sceptical, but I bought it. Applied to some old projects, I'm impressed. For me the difference is night and day. For standalone use, this tool is invaluable. Respect to the creator."



"Just pulled the trigger on this. Man, you’ve done some good work here. Changes the sound entirely. I did a bunch of

A/B tests on just a kick and a snare, and it doesn’t compare. If I’d offer any feedback to you, it’s that your demos on your site don’t do your work justice. I did some reverse engineering too, just to get an idea of how you got there, and there’s absolutely no way I could’ve recreated this.

Brilliant work!

You made my choice between the Live and the Octatrack even harder and for that I must perhaps cast a curse on you, but until then, the only cursing comes from my neighbours as I’m knocking down their walls."



"Ignored this for a while. Honestly, I thought this was scammy. But I checked it out (bought it). Very impressed. It’s like mastering advice you download and the results are very satisfying. Very ingenious! Great job my man."


Bruce Kelley

"Did a comparison and Wow, I almost thought those were different songs!


With the un-mastered I almost didn't know there was a piano...


Also with the un-mastered version, the sound goes back and forth and makes me feel a bit dizzy in the first 10s, but in the mastered version there's not so much of that.


I actually liked the un-mastered one I thought, but now that I compare, the mastered version sounds awesome, like all the

instruments are performing at "PEAK PERFORMANCE".......  Fantastic!"


Brian J.

"music = science + art

If you are like me, you prefer art over science when it comes to music.
Anyone who has been to any sort of beat competition [ Istandard / Beat KONDUCTAZ DC /toronto Battle of the beatmakers], knows that improper mixing / mastering can kill a surefire beat. Weak mixing can definitely make the difference between proceeding 2 the next round when judges have a close call.

While I like computers, I got the MPC LIVE last year to get away from ableton / IK multimedia.


YA offers a tool for only $20-40 US that makes that a possibility.
Furthermore, he’s an active member at so you are showing community support.


Often we ask the OEM to provide a fix or tool.
Sometimes, a hardcore user steps up & fills the gap.

What would the MPC 1000 or 2500 be without JJOS????

MPC users would be wise to get behind this mastering tool for their own sake & for the sake of the MPC community.

I imagine it will be a 1-2 year commitment before I can fully ditch my PC.
If this goes well, I just might be able to put my old roland MV to rest.

Less Tools → More Music"


Lorenzo Raptor

"Your template is simply just what I need. I came from Ableton with my Push, but as web developer, spending more time behind the computer to make music was simply tiring and so I made less music. So I bought a MPC one that I learned to use and I found your template. Today I rediscover the sensation of making music by ear to finalize my tracks faster, without a computer, and ready to use for my live performances. Just perfect for my usage.

I didn’t test yet your last version, but I’m really excited to use it, as soon I will find the time.

Again, thanks for your template, and thanks sharing this update.

Stay safe and all the best for this difficult times so particular."


Alex AKA N47

"I purchase this template… I'm impressed… great work and very helpful. 
Now i can focus on production 
Big up from Italy"



I'm a singer/songwriter keyboardist and desperately needed a de-esser solution for my condenser mic. The excess sibilance was just destroying the mix on my MPC Key 61. Yorgos came up with a winner template! The 3 band compressor solved the issue. My voice sounds good again, couldn't be happier.


Paul Boyce

Sequential Tempest


"After 4 years of heavy programming and gigging with tempest, I was interested to see how others were approaching the machine. Yorgos has an amazing ear. He's made sounds that I didn't think were possible. His sounds make me use tempest like a classic drum machine. Happy to let these kicks do their thing. Serious job mate.I bought your Snare/Claps also. 10/10!"


"I'm not usually into using too many of other people's presets. I'm no purist or anything, I just like to tweak :P But given all of Yorgos' efforts over the last however long to help improve the inner workings of the Tempest, and all of the time he's also dedicated in helping other Tempest users come to grips with "the Beast" - i thought I'd buy his Ultra Pack and give it a spin...

I can honestly say that there are some incredibly well sculpted, tight drum sounds in these packs. I feel that they are not only useful for anyone who is looking for some pre-made sounds, but also for those who might need a practical lesson in reverse engineering to help spur on their own sound design endeavours.

It goes without saying that the Tempest demands attention, and lots of it. Blending oscillators, massaging envelopes, discovering those little sweet-spots. It all requires patience and perseverance. I'd encourage Tempest owners to pick up these patches, load them into that minx of a drum synth and hit your 'Mod Paths' button immediately. There's a lot going on under the hood, and Yorgos' patches are a good example of how to get the most out of the T.

Taming the beast ;)"

Simon Field

"I love user made patches like these. paying a couple bucks helps support a community of artists and builds on collective creativity. Yorgos made some beautiful patches that offer artists a glimpse into the deeper workings of the tempest. The joy of this machine is echoed in these patches: instant fun and playability combined with in depth programmability."

Ryan Clark

"Patches like these are the reason why my Analog Rytm can't come out and play. You da man, da Tempest Man."


Andreas Roman

"Thank you so much Yorgos! I think "Dirty Snare" is my favorite and it is so simple. You're an inspiration!"


Eric Christianson AKA Mojav

"Finally got a chance to load up the snares and claps over the weekend - very very nice. Great job Yorgos! Some unique sounds there."


Simon Fine

"This is just what I was looking for.  These Claps & Snares patches cover a wide variety of sounds.  So much attention to detail!  Thank you for your hard work and help Yorgos."


Dave Ransbarger

"Amazing sounds here, great consistent kicks, crispy in your face claps and snares. Thanks!!!"


Rodrigo Leal

"Just loaded these up and had a blast. Great work Yorgos! 

I would have loved it if the Tempest shipped with really solid bread and butter patches like this. Kudos."


Nick Lavers

"Shout out to yorgos for these wonderful drum patches.Definitely make it easier for a tempest newbie to get up and running quickly on this machine.Thanks again!"


Andrew Song

"I like the sounds!Nice Kicks,claps & snares.Great work..can't wait to start making beats..Greeting From Australia"


Junji Masayama

"These patches are great :) 

The kicks in particular are fantastic as they allow for excellent tweakability and sound mega. There is no sweet spot for these sounds. The whole thing is a sweet spot. Highly recommend."


Dominic Payne

"Picked up the 808 kit today, love it. Really nice to jam with. Made a quick 1 bar loop straight away in around 1 minute and then jammed with it through some FX."

Simon Fine

"These kicks sound great, Yorgos. Good work.These are definitely worth the purchase."


Kal Mollison - Sandcastle Theory

"All I have to say is hats off for Yorgos!  Great work dude! I'll be enjoying these."


Robert Svensson


 N.Lauda (BWL)

"Hi Yorgos, The Ultra Pack was a great re-energising of my Tempest! The Wav files both processed and unprocessed have also been put to good use in my sampler. Great patches! Great work!"


Tim Cameron

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