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Yorgos caught the DJing bug back in 1992...

Although the real journey began way back in the 80's where he was exploring the sounds of Rock, Electro Pop, Funk and Disco. In the 90’s, where House and Techno were dominating the dancefloors, he embraced the flow and started crafting his DJ skills. After 10 years of performing at various venues and festivals Yorgo’s hunger for knowledge pushed him to study Audio Engineering at “SAE Institute Athens”. There he learnt the art of opening his ears and mind to all forms of music and sounds. He elected "Sound Design" as his key discipline and from that moment onwards every waveform in the air took on a whole new meaning... The diversity of his auditory experiences transformed into many alter egos translating into different projects and acts. He is associated with acts such as 7G, Preciser, Groove Bros and Unquantized Soul and his style ranges across multitudes of genres including House, Techno, Experimental, Noise, Breaks, Glitch, Trip Hop and Downtempo. The ongoing quest for knowledge still drives Yorgos to learn and explore new ways of musical and sound expressions through DJing, Sound Design and Music Production.

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